No Man’s Guide

No Mans Guide is an interactive field guide for the collectible items and crafting recipes of No Man’s Sky.

I love Hello Games‘ flagship title, No Man’s Sky. It’s a procedurally-generated space exploration and survival game with elements of cosmic horror, first published in 2016. The game has grown and evolved significantly since then, taking numerous awards for its continued development, and amassing a vast and enthusiastic community of explorers.

Some of these explorers have volunteered their talents and time to create the No Man’s Sky Wiki, a publicly-editable repository of information about all aspects of the game, and I used this website extensively while I was learning how to play the game. I also wanted to continue learning how to use VueJS, and I thought I’d combine these two interests with my love of graphic design, and make an immersive and reactive version of some of the Wiki’s data. The result was No Man’s Guide, an interface for visualizing NMS’s complex web of items and crafting recipes.

No Man’s Guide is built with PHP, JavaScript and VueJS. It uses only one other library, Vanilla Tilt JS. I also use Node, NPM, Gulp, and a few Gulp plugins to automate build-time tasks, like minifying and concatenating CSS and JS, and compressing images.

I made No Man’s Guide open source in 2022 under a Creative Commons Attribution Non-Commercial Share-Alike 4.0 license. The code can be seen on GitHub, at ben-miles/nomansguide.