Ben Miles

Graphic Designer &
Full-Stack Web Developer

About Ben Miles

I'm a graphic designer and full-stack web developer, located in central Florida, with 20 years of experience.

I have always found joy in the balance of creative and problem-solving tasks that my career offers.

I've freelanced, incorporated and run my own design company, and worked lead positions in both design and development agencies.

Outside of work, I prefer to spend time homebrewing, screenprinting, or gardening.

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These are just a few of my favorite projects.

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Web Development

Steam Notes (16:10 Screenshot)
Steam Notes

A convenient place to keep notes, links, and reminders for all of your favorite games on Steam.
No Man's Guide (16:10 Screenshot)
No Man’s Guide

An interactive field guide for the collectible items and crafting recipes of No Man's Sky.
Subnautica PDA (16:10 Screenshot)
Subnautica PDA

A companion app that extends the functionality of the PDA from the game Subnautica.

Web Design

Laura Long Therapy (16:10 Screenshot)
Laura Long Therapy

A website for a solo therapy practice in South Carolina, featuring scrolling effects and embedded videos.
Little Red Telescope (16x10)
Little Red Telescope

A website for a solo therapy practice in California, focused on mental and emotional health for men.
iTherapy (16:10 Screenshot)

A suite of tools and services to help therapists take their practice online.
Dr. Carol O'Saben (16x10)
Dr. Carol O’Saben

A solo therapy practice in Arizona.


Edd 'N Bred Logo (16x10)
Edd ‘n Bred Logo

A lettermark logo for a team of beer brewers.

Kinda Custom Auto Emblem
Kinda Custom Auto Emblem

A custom emblem for a Corvette enthusiast's project car.

PIP Signs Logo
PIP Signs Logo

A wordmark logo for a sub-brand of PIP Printing.
The Virus Busters Logo
The Virus Busters Logo

A mascot logo for a PC Repair company in Merritt Island, Florida.


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