Edd ‘n Bred Logo

Edd 'N Bred Logo (16x10)
Edd 'N Bred Logo (Concepts)
Edd 'N Bred Logo (Sketches)

One fine homebrew day with Logan Moore and Brad Parks of “Edd’N’Bred”, we got to talking about branding.

Their passion for homebrewing was built on a strong friendship, which is integral to their workflow. The name they chose is a nod to their highschool nicknames. Research, materials and equipment costs, shopping, brewing and bottling duties are all split evenly and done together. Not suprisingly, they wanted equal representation in their branding, too.

I experimented first with stacking and intertwining the first letter of each name, to visually establish a shared hierarchic position between two parties. I also looked at how symmetry could be used to rebalance an inherently “left-to-right” lettermark. This is where the geometry of the letterforms revealed their harmony, becoming a single, rotationally-symmetrical line. By applying a vertically-symmetrical transformation of the “B,” the arms of the “E” were adjusted to look more natural, and underscore the mark’s suggestion of unity and balance. The vertices of the “N” were hyper-extended to conjure the image of an 80’s metal band, and evoke the nostalgic sense of style shared by the brewers.