Tag: Typography

Laura Long Therapy (16:10 Screenshot)
Laura Long Therapy

A website for a solo therapy practice in South Carolina, featuring scrolling effects and embedded videos.

Pinwheel Healing Center (16:10 Screenshot)
Pinwheel Healing Center

A group therapy practice with multiple locations in New Mexico.

Little Red Telescope (16x10)
Little Red Telescope

A website for a solo therapy practice in California, focused on mental and emotional health for men.

iTherapy (16:10 Screenshot)

A suite of tools and services to help therapists take their practice online.

Dr. Carol O'Saben (16x10)
Dr. Carol O’Saben

A solo therapy practice in Arizona.

Edd 'N Bred - When in Rhone Label (16x10)
When in Rhone Label Art

Digital painting and type design label art, for a craft beer named "When in Rhone."

Edd 'N Bred Logo (16x10)
Edd ‘n Bred Logo

A lettermark logo for a team of beer brewers.

How to Be a Widow in Today's World by Elaine Scott Bridgman
How to Be A Widow in Today’s World

How to Be a Widow In Today’s World is a text written by Elaine Scott Bridgman, telling her […]

Sign Lords Logo (16x10)
Sign Lords Logo

An entrepreneur friend of mine is getting into sign fabrication, and wanted a logo with a certain medieval […]

Project Ocean SEED Logo (16x10)
Project Ocean SEED Logo

An established deep sea exploration team looking to expand their business model to include non-profit and academic research […]

Merritt Island Makos Logo (16x10)
Merritt Island Makos Mascot Logo

The coach of travel baseball team Merritt Island Makos asked me to create their new logo, which would […]

Kinda Custom Auto Emblem
Kinda Custom Auto Emblem

A custom emblem for a Corvette enthusiast's project car.

PIP Signs Logo
PIP Signs Logo

A wordmark logo for a sub-brand of PIP Printing.

Never a Bad Day by Jay Elmo Shaw (16x10)
Never a Bad Day by Jay Elmo Shaw

Never a Bad Day is an autobiographic text by Jay Elmo Shaw, which recounts numerous amazing-but-true stories from […]

Northrop Grumman - Lunar lander Team Reunion Program (16x10)
Lunar Module Team Reunion Program

An itinerary for Northrop Grumman’s 44th anniversary celebration of the Apollo 11 Moon landing.

The Virus Busters Logo
The Virus Busters Logo

A mascot logo for a PC Repair company in Merritt Island, Florida.

Up Close And Gross (16x10)
Up-Close And Gross

A children's book about entomology (the study of insects), published by Scholastic Inc.