Category: Branding

Counseling for Resilience, Logo (16x10)
Counseling for Resilience Logo

A combination mark for a Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC) serving New Jersey and Florida.

Mission Ready Counseling, Logo (16x10)
Mission Ready Counseling Logo

A combination mark for a group therapy practice catering to military personnel.

TRIAD Counseling Center Logo (16x10)
TRIAD Counseling & Wellness Corp Logo

A combination mark for a husband-and-wife coaching and counseling practice.
Shire Digital Solutions Logo (16x10)
Shire Digital Solutions Logo

A set of combination mark logos for a startup web development agency.
Sign Lords Logo (16x10)
Sign Lords Logo

A wordmark logo for a signage design and installation shop in Florida.
Project Ocean SEED Logo (16x10)
Project Ocean SEED Logo

A combination mark logo for a non-profit entity committed to introducing oceanography to primary and secondary schools.

Merritt Island Makos Logo (16x10)
Merritt Island Makos Mascot Logo

A mascot combination mark for a little league baseball team in Florida.